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Jet Unit

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Aluminium Boat

Typical Application — Lightweight 13 foot Aluminium Boat
Weight 350kg, Powered by 1600 Subaru motor

Aquajet Marine Jet Units

For many people a jet boat is a means of negotiating the shallow water of rivers to go fishing or simply adventure boating. With the weight of regular jet boats being 900-1000 kg such craft are too heavy for one or two people to handle when stuck in shallow waters.

Recognising the need for lighter boats, we have designed a new concept in lightweight boating and developed a compact jet unit especially to suit the light weight motors which are now available.

After many years of research and development we are now producing Aquajet AJ-150 jet units. These are 150mm (6 inch) diameter single stage axial flow, lightweight compact jet unit especially designed for the smaller lightweight boats and up to 180bhp motors.

We have extended the range of Subaru engines which can be used in front of the AJ-150 jet unit. These share the EJ engine block and extend up to approximately 180hp. These are all naturally aspirated, compact, and reasonably high revving engines. When set up correctly they give excellent reliability.

Though slightly heavier than the original EA71 performance is greatly enhanced, giving an even better power to weight ratio, together with substantially increased top speed and the ability to carry considerably more weight. Fuel economy is still good. While the deck space is reduced due to the larger engine because of the compactness of these motors this reduction is minimal.

Total weight is still within the 400kg range.

We can supply a full parts list for the marinisation of these engines.